In 2005, after having been told that I should put it off, I came to HSS and met Dr. Su, who told me by the end of my first appointment that he will take away my pain. I was so happy to hear that from a doctor. I had thought I would be living my life in a wheelchair! So right after my surgery in June, I felt no arthritic pain! None. I was so happy and I was walking out the door the day I left two days later. I was so glad to be able to move and straighten my knee and began yoga and hiking and bicycling.

It went so well the first time that I decided in 2014 January, I would get my other knee replaced. This time with Dr. Amar Ranawat and boy was that an amazing time too. I was walking out the door and to home and after my rehab and workouts was moving about within weeks. I thank all of the teams at the hospital that made this happen for me. I really believe I did this for my life because I wanted to move easily. I am now taking tap lessons! Would never even consider that before the replacements. No pain at all!