4. What type of anesthesia will be used?

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a. We recommend regional anesthesia. This is where the anesthesiologist performs a nerve block or spinal which will numb the area where surgery will be performed. You will also get medication to let you go to sleep; however, you will still be able to breath on your own. This is different from traditional general anesthesia where multiple medicines are used to keep you from moving, feeling, and reducing pain during surgery, and you are also put on a breathing machine.

b. Benefits of regional anesthesia include better pain control post-surgery, less medication side effects such as nausea, lower risk of pneumonia or other airway issues. It has a lower overall risk profile when compared to general anesthesia.

c. You will be able to meet with the anesthesiologist the day of surgery and discuss options and ask questions. Regional anesthesia may not be indicated for everyone, but we do try to use it in most cases.

d. If you have prior issues with anesthesia or want to meet with the anesthesiologist prior to surgery, please let Dr. Ranawat’s team know so we can schedule a pre-operative anesthesia consultation.

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