14. Incision Care

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You may shower with the dressing that is on your incision once your
return home. The visiting nurse will remove this dressing 10 days after
surgery. You do not have sutures or staples.

You can drive 4-6 weeks after surgery. After a total hip replacement, driving is not
advised until 6 weeks post-operative in order to maintain hip precautions. You may have
someone else drive while you are a passenger using your hip cushion to maintain hip
precautions. After knee replacement surgery, you may drive earlier than 6 weeks if the
physical therapist clears you to do so and if you are comfortable moving your foot from
the gas pedal to the brake.

• If you would like to fly in an airplane, please call the office to discuss.
• Hip precautions should be maintained for 6 weeks to prevent dislocation
• Your first follow up appointment with Dr. Ranawat is 6 weeks after surgery.

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