11. Pre-operative Check List for Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement Surgery

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1. The following medications should be stopped prior to surgery.
• Plavix: 7 days prior to surgery
• Coumadin: 7 days prior to surgery. your INR level must be 1.2 or lower at least 2 days before your operation. If it is not 1.2 when pre-operative labs are drawn, we may ask you to have it drawn again to confirm it is within range.
• Effient: 10 days prior to surgery
• Regular aspirin, anti-inflammatories & oil vitamins: stop 1 week prior to surgery (7 days)

2. Do you have any medication allergies?

3. Do you normally urinate more than twice a night? (for men only)

4. Home care services:
You will meet with a social worker after surgery to arrange for visiting nurse services with physical therapy at home. our patients go home after surgery unless Dr. Ranawat specifically suggests transfer to in-patient rehabilitation.

Please contact Laura Jasphy (about one month prior to your surgery date) for questions regarding discharge care. Her phone number is: (646) 797-8266. Her email is jasphyl@hss.edu. Her hours are from 11am-7pm, monday through friday (excluding holidays)

To obtain the time of your surgery, please call 212-606-1710 after 4pm on the business day before your surgery.

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